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AGM Meeting - The Barrels 22-05-2023

JABA AGM & River Talk

We had a great meeting for our AGM at the Barrels with many residents attending & giving there ideas & views.
Also a very interesting talk by Jamie Audsley from the Herefordshire Wildlife Trust regarding the polluting of our River Wye & what we can all do to address this issue.
Remember, ALL residents of St James & Bartonsham are automatically members of the Community Association, so if you have any views, please get in touch!

Contact: If you’d like to contribute in any way contact Elaine secretary@jaba.org.uk/Silver Candler (Mob: 07828 789797) or Jane Straker (Tel: 01432 509728) for more details or offers of help.

Jaba Coronation ‘Street Party’ Monday May 8 th 3–5pm

A truly wonderful turnout for the Coronation Street Party which we held at St. James' School due to the inclement weather! But the rain didn't stop the community from having a wonderful time. With great music from the Fire choir, food, wine and great company!
See more photos here!

Jubilee Celebrations

A wonderful time was had by all at Scout's Corner for the Queen's Jubilee Celebrations...

Himalayan Balsam Bash!

Our balsam bash at Bishop's Meadow has made it to the Wye Valley AONB Facebook page, and an article on the event! Our next balsam bash is Saturday 27th May 10.30 – 12.30, meeting at Victoria Bridge, Bishops Meadow. We do hope lots of you will join us. Children welcome, accompanied by adults.

Video Focus...

What can we do...?

The Wye In Crisis...

We have been drawing attention to the crisis of The Wye for some time now via our Facebook page and website. If you have not seen the documentary explaining the key issues and challenges in restoring The Wye to health we encourage you to watch George Monbiot's Rivercide, and in the last week the government has published a report into the toxic water quality of many of our rivers which also makes interesting reading.

News & Events

Latest local current & upcoming issues & events
Cotteswold Dairy: Change of use, Traffic Control Order and related issues

Over the last few months The Community Association has convened a working group to meet with representatives from Cotteswold Dairies and those residents... Read more..

The Wyeside Project 2022

This is our second event focussing on the Wye. Steve Taylor, Chair of Hereford Sea Cadets, will take us through this proposed million pound investment, secured through The Stronger Towns Fund. The Wyeside project is a significant addition to the Wye infrastructure, affecting the area between the Rugby and Rowing Clubs, The Left Bank and also Bishop’s Meadow. 

Eastern River Crossing

With Councilor John Harrington, Cabinet Member for Infrastructure
& Transport.
A presentation with the opportunity for questions & answers.
Click here for more info.

The Wye in Crisis...

We hope that the event will not only raise awareness of the issues and challenges of restoring the river and banks to health, but will also be an opportunity to bring together a more coordinated response from those of us living in Hereford, perhaps initiating a local action group. One area we particularly hope to bring about a more coordinated city- wide response is in helping to eradicate himalayan balsam.

Himalayan Balsam Event - Various Saturdays (See the 'news page' for exact dates) Bishop’s Meadow - Victoria Bridge 10.30 - 12.30
BYO picnic lunch.

Read more here...
Himalayan balsam is a pretty but imported menace that crowds out other native plants and erodes the soil of river banks. Each plant can produce up to 800 seeds! The seed pods explode to propel the seeds as far as 6 or 7 metres! Hence its rapid spread if left unchecked.
Contact us for more info!

Harold Street pavement 

The Association has been raising concerns about the lack of a pavement along Harold Street, from Bartonsham Road to Park St. with our councilor Jeremy Milln. This is an issue first raised by The Community Association 22 years ago but the problem continues. We hope that after 22 years there can start to be some resolution of the problems. This is a heavily trafficked but narrow area, used by buses, cyclists, cars, and pedestrians, especially young children going to the nursery. JABA Chair, David Straker, and other members of the committee, have written to the Ward Councilor Jeremy Milln, expressing safety concerns and the need for action to slow traffic down and to provide safe access for pedestrians. If you would also like to see a safer route along Harold St please consider sending an email requesting a footpath to give Jeremy a stronger voice.

Community Gardening - Nelson Street Car Park

Jaba members spent some time last year weeding, dead heading and planting bulbs in the gardens bordering Nelson Street car park. Watch out for daffodils coming out. It would be good to have a group who would be able to look out for this communal space and help maintain it. Do get in touch if you are interested. 

Climate Change & Composting

Green waste composted by the Council is different. It makes good soil conditioner sold by the Council relatively inexpensively at £2 a bag. This is great to mulch plants with or to add to your vegetable patch...
Click HERE for more interesting reading...

What is JABA?

Founded in 2001 by local residents wanting their say on the development of the old hospital site, the St. James' and Bartonsham Community Association has worked for 20 years to benefit the residents of the Bartonsham area.
JABA and CTP logo by Howard Meadowcroft 

What does the St.James' and Bartonsham Community Association do? The Association works to...

  • Inform
    of local issues, local changes, local news, local groups, Council strategy
  • Discuss
    provide a forum for discussion - meetings, social media
  • Support
    support local initiatives, local community
  • Act
    working groups, research, lobby
  • Entertain
    Events, talks, walks
  • Benefit 
    the local residents and community

Local Groups

For a wealth of useful local group & activities

Event Gallery

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St James' Church, Hereford

Dating from 1869, St James’ Church has been a keystone to the parish of St James & Bartonsham. Even through difficult times, the church has found ways to bring light & hope to those who needed it.
Click here to visit the St Peter & St James’ Website.
More in depth historic information can be found here on the Bartonsham History Group page.

St James School

St James C of E Primary School

St James’ School has been educating and laying the foundations for generations of children. You can visit the School’s website here. History on the school can be found here.

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