January 2011 - Community Association - Notice of Annual General Meeting

St James and Bartonsham Community Association - Notice of Annual General Meeting on Monday 31 January 2011.

Venue: Riverside Centre (WRVS), Vicarage Road, Hereford. All very welcome. Wine and cakes from 7.15pm, AGM at 7.45pm.

The meeting will review the progress, aims and objectives of the Community Association and will re-elect the Executive Committee.
Nominations ahead of the meeting are welcomed (please contact secretary@jaba.org.uk).

CSO Roger Thomas will also advise on Local Policing issues. To be followed by;

"Living Local History" - In Our Age editor and Herefordshire Lore founder, Bill Laws, with some memory-teasing slides of Herefordshire's recent past. All very welcome!

Click 'Read more' to read the Chairman's report and the JABA Editor's report and survey results.

CA Chairman's report for 2010

From the Executive's point of view, 2010 has run much as did 2009, in that the various community activities represented elsewhere in these reports continue to flourish, whilst the executive have maintained their background supportive role.

So on to the detail. The CA executive have met regularly throughout the year, and have tried to both support and encourage the many initiatives that have taken place, and to maintain a sense of cohesion and coordination. They have also of course sought to meet their constitutional obligations by regularly reviewing their finances and correspondence, and will be presenting accounts to the Annual Meeting.

I do need to single out one person and their contribution for special mention. Tim Ford, who has edited Jaba for the last 5 years, announced he was steeping down from that role (although he will still be contributing material for Jaba in the future). As I wrote in Jaba itself, it is hard to overstate Tim's contribution to making the magazine what it has become - a high-quality, widely-appreciated local journal with a dedicated readership. We shall miss him, and offer him our warmest thanks for all he has done.

And of course this raises a challenge for the Executive, and for the community as a whole - what next? We are still collating response to the form in Jab, and we have had some good offers of help - but the project needs a strong team if it is to be kept up to the quality we have become accustomed to! So please, if there are others of you out there looking for a worthwhile project to get involved with, may we suggest Jaba needs you?

Back to the CA as a whole. As usual, my thanks go to all the team who keep things alive and growing. And my annual appeal too - we would warmly welcome new members onto the CA Exec. During this last year we have been glad to Adrian Allen as part of the team, and he has added strength and vigour to what we do. But we repeat our appeal this year - that if the work of the Community association is to be kept alive and fresh we still need "new blood". Please join us.

Paul Towner
CA Chairman

Minutes of the January 2011 AGM
Download as a pdf file AGM 2011 minutes.pdf

JABA Editor's report for 2010 and responses to survey
Download as a pdf file JABA agm report.pdf

Posted: Tue - January 11, 2011 at 11:31 AM