Fri - May 4, 2007

Surprise election results

Local elections on 3 May saw District and Parish councillors elected for both Central and Tupsley wards, which cover St James and Bartonsham. Long standing Lib-Dem councillor David Fleet lost both his District and Parish seats to Independent Mark Hubbard in Central Ward, with Hubbard taking almost twice as many votes as Fleet. In Tupsley ward, a closely faught battle saw all three existing Lib-Dem councillors (Marcelle Lloyd-Hayes, Alan Taylor and Bill Walling) re-elected to the District Council, despite a very strong showing from Conservative, Green and Independent candidates.

Only 28% of voters turned out in both Central and Tupsley wards, compared to 54% in Central ward and 57% in Tupsley ward in 2003. Why do voters appear so apathetic? Perhaps they feel that after four years of being ignored by the outgoing Tory/Independent coalition there is no point in voting. Whatever the cause, the new Tory Council must ensure that both the 'cult of secrecy' that has built up in the Council and the tendency to ignore both the electorate and Government directives is addressed as a matter of urgency.

Overall, the following political parties now make up Herefordshire Council (full details on the Council site here):
Conservative 32 Councillors
Independent 12 Councillors
Lib Dem 10 Councillors
Labour 2 Councillors
Green 1 Councillor
Undeclared 1 Councillor

Thanks go to David Fleet for his service over the last four years and congratulations to those elected: now the work really starts!

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Fri - December 2, 2005

By-election Tupsley Ward - results

The poll to fill the casual vacancy in the Tupsley Ward of the Herefordshire Council and the Tupsley Ward of the Parish of Hereford was held yesterday, although with a pitiful turnout of just 27% one has to wonder just how representative the results are. St. James and Bartonsham is now entirely represented by Liberal Democrats. Tupsley ward - which includes the eastern side of the JABA area, is represented by Cllr. Marcelle Lloyd-Hayes, Cllr. Bill Walling and now by Cllr. Liz Taylor. City Ward, which covers the northern end of Green Street and the surrounding streets, and is represented by Cllr. David Fleet. For details of your councillors visit Read more for the results, unless you're overwhelmed by apathy ...

Herefordshire Council -Tupsley Ward:
Guy Griffiths  Independent  274
John Henry Oliver Labour party  118
John Walter Perris  Conservative  608
Elizabeth Ann Taylor   Liberal Democrat 831 ELECTED
(commonly known as Liz) 
Richard Thomas  Independent  56

Hereford Parish - Tupsley Ward:
Guy Griffiths   Independent  315
John Henry Oliver  Labour party  123
John Walter Perris  Conservative  618
Alan Paul Taylor   Liberal Democrat 834 ELECTED

For a BBC report on the by-election click here.

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Fri - November 4, 2005

By-election in Jaba-land!

There will be a by-election in the Tupsley Ward on 1 December; nominations for the election of councillors for the Tupsley ward at both Herefordshire District and Hereford City Council level closed today. Both seats were previously held by George Hyde, who sadly died recently. Tupsley Ward covers a significant section of St James and Bartonsham with the remainder covered by Central Ward.

What do you think of the leaflets you've seen so far on your doormat? What do you think of politics generally in Hereford, and what should be the we way forward. Have your say on the election and more in our debate forum. Read more ...

These are two separate seats for two different councils, but there is nothing to stop the same person being elected to both positions! For the Herefordshire Council seat there are a total of 5 candidates - Conservative, Liberal Democrat, Labour and two Independents. For the City Council seat this is reduced by one Independent. Click below to download details in .pdf format. The by-election will take place in the usual polling stations on Thursday 1 December. Successfully elected candidates will hold their seat until the next regular elections take place in May 2007, when all seats become vacant again and new elections held.

Further information from the Council can be found at


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Sat - July 23, 2005

Election briefs

Its history now we know but you can view the election result for Hereford on the Guardian website. Summary: little change from 2001 result - very narrow Lib Dem win over Conservative, Labour vote down and Green and UKIP swapped places!

Back in April 2005 JABA contacted the candidates standing for election as MP for Hereford. Here are their election briefs.

JABA asked the candidates to fill in some short questions about who they were and why we should vote for them. For the record, Hereford is a Liberal/Tory marginal, as Paul Keetch, Liberal Democrat MP from 1997, has a majority of only 968 votes over the Conservatives. JABA is of course politically independent, but we do think it is vital for everyone to use their vote. So encourage everyone you know to get out there and make democracy happen!

30/4/05 One further candidate was nominated after we went to press. He is Peter Morton and is standing as an independent.

Name: Paul Keetch. Age: 43

Party: Liberal Democrats

Hobbies/interests: I particularly enjoy swimming and cycling and, when I have time to relax, I like nothing more than entertaining family and friends.

Three Reasons to vote for me: (1) Hard working local MP, born and bred in Hereford - my family home is in the city (2) I'll continue to campaign for more police on patrol, to improve local services, and to continue to make Hereford a better place to live and work (3) I'll continue to give Hereford a strong voice at Westminster.

Why I want to be an MP: I was frustrated with inactive Conservative MPs, who did nothing for the County. I wanted to make sure that Herefordshire had a voice in Parliament.

Contact: Hereford Liberal Democrats, 39 Widemarsh Street, Hereford, HR4 9EA. Tel: 01432 341483 Web: Email:
Results last time:

LibDem: 18,244 (40.9%)
Con: 17,276 (38.7%)
Labour: 6,739 (15.1%)
UKIP: 1,184 (2.7%)
Green: 1,181 (2.7%)

Liberal majority: 968


Name: Virginia Taylor

Party: Conservative

Hobbies/interests: Tennis, gardening, walking, classical music and opera, travel
3 reasons to vote for me: (1) I will not promise what I cannot deliver (2) I will serve all my constituents equally, young or old and whatever their political views (3) I will put the priorities of the people of Herefordshire above my own or party interests

Why I want to be an MP: Everyone should have the opportunity to realise their full potential, free from unnecessary interference from the State.
My job spec: Top priorities - a flood defence scheme and a Bypass for Hereford - which is in danger of being left behind as new business does not invest here and our young people leave. Our beautiful countryside is one of our greatest assets and I will work to ensure we have sustainable and profitable agriculture and tourism, decent public transport and more leisure facilities for our young people.

Contact: Hereford Conservatives, Grove Mill, Wormelow, Hereford HR2 8EG Tel: 01981 541085 Fax: 01981 541358 - Email: Web:

Name: Tom Calver. Age: 26

Party: The Labour Party

Hobbies/interests: Football, running, cooking, history, development and fair trade, politics

3 reasons to vote for me: - Even more investment in education, health and policing in Hereford - Protecting the extra services and funding that have come into the county under this government - I'll fight for the best deal for Hereford, whatever the government.

Why I want to be an MP: Because I believe that this county and this country can always do better, and I want to make sure they do.

My job spec: To fight for Hereford nationally, working with local people and organisations to do the best for the whole constituency and to make all politicians accountable.To fight for individual constituents when there are injustices or difficulties that affect their lives.
Contact: The Labour Party, 28 Ferndale Road, Hereford, HR4 0RW. Phone: 01432 360228  

Name: Christopher Kingsley Age: 47
Party: UK Independence Party

Hobbies/interests: Travelling, watching rugby
& football, live music

Why I want to be an MP: I want to be part of a revolution in British politics that brings decision making back to the British people, whatever their colour, background or religion.

My job spec: As MP for Hereford I would fight to deliver what the people of this constituency SAY they need - no what they are TOLD they need by national or international politicians. My aim would be to bring back real power to the people we elect to serve on our behalf locally, which would mean fighting to scrap regional government in Birmingham and interference from Brussels - which would also save us a fortune!

Contact: Call on 07791 112353 or e-mail

Name: Brian Lunt Age: 67
Party: Green

Hobbies/interests: walking, all sorts of music, design, energy issues, good home-grown food

3 reasons to vote for me: (1) I believe in what I'm standing for (2) I want to move climate change up the political agenda (3) I will work hard for change to reduce emissions of CO2

Why I want to be an MP: To gain electoral authority to make things happen on climate change

My job spec: Go to Westminster rarely, instead stay in Hereford working with people, institutions, businesses to reduce fossil fuel use and CO2

Contact: 1 Woodview, Lower Breinton, Hereford HR4 7PG T:01432-351862

What do you think about each of the candidates viewpoints? About the political process in general? Are there issues you feel the parties are just not addressing? Is democracy just like shopping - you vote for what sounds good for you personally? Or should it be about the whole direction in which our society going? Do we get the politicians we deserve? Do we allow them to be human? Why do so many people (about 4 in 10) just not bother voting at all? Does it matter? How do we solve these problems?
Email, contribute online, or write to us with your views:
JABA, c/o 72 Park Street, Hereford HR1 2RE
Our online debate will continue through the campaign and beyond


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