Surprise election results

Local elections on 3 May saw District and Parish councillors elected for both Central and Tupsley wards, which cover St James and Bartonsham. Long standing Lib-Dem councillor David Fleet lost both his District and Parish seats to Independent Mark Hubbard in Central Ward, with Hubbard taking almost twice as many votes as Fleet. In Tupsley ward, a closely faught battle saw all three existing Lib-Dem councillors (Marcelle Lloyd-Hayes, Alan Taylor and Bill Walling) re-elected to the District Council, despite a very strong showing from Conservative, Green and Independent candidates.

Only 28% of voters turned out in both Central and Tupsley wards, compared to 54% in Central ward and 57% in Tupsley ward in 2003. Why do voters appear so apathetic? Perhaps they feel that after four years of being ignored by the outgoing Tory/Independent coalition there is no point in voting. Whatever the cause, the new Tory Council must ensure that both the 'cult of secrecy' that has built up in the Council and the tendency to ignore both the electorate and Government directives is addressed as a matter of urgency.

Overall, the following political parties now make up Herefordshire Council (full details on the Council site here):
Conservative 32 Councillors
Independent 12 Councillors
Lib Dem 10 Councillors
Labour 2 Councillors
Green 1 Councillor
Undeclared 1 Councillor

Thanks go to David Fleet for his service over the last four years and congratulations to those elected: now the work really starts!

Posted: Fri - May 4, 2007 at 08:40 AM