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Produced by volunteers and funded by advertising, JABA serves over 2000 homes and businesses in the St James and Bartonsham area of Hereford, UK. We welcome your feedback, suggestions, letters and offers of help to make JABA even more useful, fun and interesting - JABA is playing a very useful role in our community and we want to keep it going. Let us know if you want an event publicising here and via our email list - email us mailroom@jaba.org.uk


Thu - March 20, 2014

Community Association 2014 AGM - Monday 14 April

Notice of Annual General Meeting - St James and Bartonsham Community Association AGM will be on Monday 14 April, 7.30pm at The Volunteer skittle alley, Harold Street.
Living Local History - In Our Age's Bill Laws will be guest speaker, sharing readers' memories and photos on old Herefordshire and posing a quiz question or two. The AGM will review the aims and objectives of the CA and will re-elect the Executive Committee. Nominations ahead of the meeting are welcomed - please contact the Secretary, secretary@jaba.org.uk. Everyone very welcome.

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Mon - January 28, 2013

Community Association 2013 AGM - Monday 11 February

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Sun - September 16, 2012

Forthcoming events

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