Welcome to our Community Travel Plan Section

Before ... and after ... what could be ... discussion, prevarication, obfuscation, political point scoring, County/City Councils bickering ... we've had it all since 2001, when all we want to do is make our streets safer and our community a better place to live. We've achieved a little, but we're still fighting for a lot more.

Residents of the St James and Bartonsham area of Hereford are working with Herefordshire Council to reduce car dependency and improve conditions for walking and cycling and also to increase transport choice for residents and visitors. This can be achieved through a combination of street design improvements and safer cycling, walking and public transport routes within St James and to the rest of Hereford.

See the updates below for the latest.

Images courtesy of Hamilton-Baillie Associates

Posted: Sat - October 6, 2007 at 05:54 PM